Online CBT Therapy

Online Cognitive Therapy (CBT) is gaining increasing popularity for the treatment of depression, anxiety and other emotional problems. During sessions of online CBT, you will work online through Skype with a CBT therapist to uncover the patterns of habitual reactive thinking that create anxiety and depression and then you will learn how to change these negative thoughts into positive thoughts. This therapeutic process is very much more direct than traditional talk therapy or counseling and most clients see significant changes in far fewer sessions than required for older style psychotherapy. I incorporate mindfulness in my therapy sessions. Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is now considered one of the very best treatments for depression.People like online therapy because it is far more convenient than traditional office visits with a psychotherapist. For people living in rural areas or if you are living or working abroad, then the online counseling option is a great choice, and it may be the only choice available. Many of my clients who seek online CBT treatment live abroad and cannot find a local CBT therapist. Almost all of my online clients have heard of the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy for treating anxiety disorders like social anxiety and agoraphobia and specifically want to get help from a CBT therapist and that leads them to search for an online CBT therapist.


Skype-based CBT therapy sessions usually last 60mins and in this time we explore the patterns of habitual reactive thinking that create the anxiety or depression. You will learn many practical methods for changing these cognitive habits which you practice at home between therapy sessions. We also look at patterns of behavioral reactivity and design strategies to change these habits as well.

In summary, CBT therapy is one of the fastest ways for healing anxiety and depression, and people like the convenience of online CBT. Please feel free to contact me to learn more about online CBT therapy via Skype.

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