How to plan a wedding without going crazy

Planning a wedding is exciting and great until it gets too overwhelming. Here are some simple tips to make life easier and help you stay sane and not financially broke when you start planning your wedding:

  1. Give yourself enough time to plan everything, because tight timelines can cause serious stress. A wedding involves so many details, that you should sit down and work out a proper schedule ahead of time, just to be on the sure side. Starting with the preparations a year ahead is recommended if possible.
  2. After you have a timeline in mind, setting the budget for the big day is the second important step. Make sure you carefully consider how much money you are ready to spend on your dream wedding and vow to stick to this budget no matter what. Talk to all family member who is willing to contribute to your wedding. Add 10% on top for some extra unexpected costs and you are ready to get going.
  3. After the budget is ready you will get to the fun part. Choose either a professional wedding planner or find an experienced friend to help you with the entire organization. If you are new to weddings you can quickly become stressed and confused by all the little details and elements which planning such an important event includes.
  4. Sit down with your groom or bride to be and make a list of which elements of your wedding are the most important ones for you – is it the music, the flowers, the wedding dress, the food, the professional wedding photographers in Bristol, the drinks? This will help you plan the most important parts first, and leave the rest for later. Also, it is very useful for staying well in your wedding budget.
  5. Work together with your finance. Don’t attempt to go through the wedding planning alone, and make sure you share responsibilities and plan together. Not only will this be more fun for both of you, but you both will end up happy with the results when the big day comes.
  6. Decide on the style you want for the wedding and stick to the plan. This will allow you to stay focused rather than overwhelmed and frustrated by the limitless options out there.

Wedding planning is a serious endeavor, especially if you want a big wedding. This is why you should allow yourself more time in order to get all the details right and feel at your best when the date of the wedding finally arrives!


Silver fluoride (SDF) can help prevent tooth cavities in children

Several years ago, a study published in the New York Times presented the advantages of using silver diamine fluoride for cavity prevention in children.

SDF is an efficient dental treatment for children which is minimally invasive and as you know this is essential when treating youngsters. It helps treat the sensitivity of the teeth without the use of the dreaded drill and at a cost much lower than traditional dental treatment. The larger effect of this type of treatment is the reduction of the need for emergency visits to the dentist as well as overall improved dental health in nursing homes. The only negative effect of applying SDF is the black discoloration of caries on the tooth.

Today, silver diamine fluoride is commercially available and approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the use of prevention of cavities in young patients. SDF is provided by Elevate Oral Care.

It has also been found to help reduce the bacteria in tooth cavities, which minimizes the risk of spreading of the decay and stop caries lesions.

The substance is also very efficient for diagnostics of caries and other defects in the structure of the teeth, as it stains only these areas, which makes it much easier for dentists to perform timely decay diagnostics and easy inspections for other potential tooth problems.

A single drop of the substance can be used for treating many teeth, which makes this method even more cost-effective.

Since not all pediatric dentists use this innovative and non-invasive method to treat their young patients, you should visit a practice which has adopted this treatment, such as Kids Dentist Bothell, WA.

You can receive more information about the treatment and diagnostics with silver diamine fluoride of your child’s teeth by contacting Hello Kids Dentistry at or call 425.659-1200 to set an appointment for your child now. The address of the professional dentist service for children is 19020 Bothell Way NE Ste C, Bothell, WA 98011.

The South Beach Diet – how relevant is it 15 years later

The South Beach diet was first introduced 15 years ago, so you may wonder whether it is still relevant enough today. Here is an overview of what has changed and what has remained the same nearly two decades later.

The basics of this famous diet are to eat high fiber food, unsaturated fats, lean protein and low glycemic carbs.

The creator of the South Beach Diet Dr. Arthur Agatson continues to insist that the principles of eating plenty of fiber, good carbs, good fats and healthy proteins are still very much valid now as they were back when the diet was first introduced, despite the other trends which we have seen through the years in regard to dieting including low carb and low-fat diets.

One change in the diet is the addition of full-fat dairy products to the list of good fats allowed due to scientific research found that it is incredibly satiating and good for the weight loss program.

In regard to the recommended high intake of fiber by the South Beach Diet, Dr.Agatson has commented that every person reacts differently when adding anew good fiber source to the diet, so people need to experiment but only with fiber-rich whole foods if they want the best weight loss results from this diet.

That video is also interesting – Nutrisystem vs South Beach


The reason is that whole foods do contain sufficient amounts of fiber and at the same time our bodies absorb them slower, unlike some carbs which are absorbed quickly and can cause surges in the blood sugar levels. This is why the diet allows the intake of slow absorbing carbs such as quinoa and sweet potatoes instead.

Even decades after it first became a worldwide success, some skeptics call the South Beach Diet a “fad diet” but Dr. Agatson along with the other loyal diet followers argue that this eating regimen has been shaped to become a lifestyle diet, rather than a temporary one.

After all, it was originally meant for cardiac prevention, which is something people should do all lifelong rather than just for a few months in order to lose those extra pounds.

Rather, the South Beach diet must become a lifestyle if a person wants to lose weight and keep it that way in order not only to look better but to prevent a number of different serious health conditions associated with obesity and being overweight – including diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart disease and many other chronic conditions.

How to avoid getting tricked into buying a fake perfume

Are you thrilled about the new deal for a very cheap designer perfume you just stumbled upon? Beware that there is a possibility that the perfume can be fake. This not only means that it will smell differently from the original but can also be harmful to your health due to the unknown chemicals it probably contains.

Here are some of the basic guidelines for ensuring that you are buying the real thing when buying a perfume:

  • If it is too cheap and looks too good to be true then follow your instincts because it probably is a fake.
  • Don’t purchase a perfume from a private seller who claims that they received it as a gift or bought it and don’t like it, because you may fall into the trap of paying full price for a counterfeit.
  • If you don’t have an idea of the exact smell of a perfume you want to buy online, always take the time to go and check it out at a brick and mortar store first. Smell it and examine the product carefully before ordering it online.
  • Look at the cellophane wrap on the box. Real designer perfumes are very tightly wrapped, so if you notice that the packing is moving around and messy – it could be a fake. Also, there shouldn’t be any leftover tape or glue on the wrapping.
  • Examine the box as well. Is it way too thin? If it is – then you may be looking at a counterfeit product, because high-quality perfumes are boxed in high-quality
  • Also, take a look at the print on the box – it should be spelled properly, in a clear and even font.
  • The bottle itself should be of impeccable quality. If it doesn’t look quite right then you are dealing with a fake.
  • The perfume itself must be clear with no sediments or different hues.
  • Last but not least check the smell. High-quality perfumes offer a rich multi-layered aroma, while fakes don’t have this unique quality.

Thankfully there are some useful online guides for spotting a fake perfume now you can learn all necessary precautions to take when shopping for a new fragrance. In fact, there are some other useful tips for spotting fake clothing from Kenzo, Stone Island and others which you may want to check out as well. It is worth checking these informative resources before getting tricked into buying a low-quality counterfeit! (see for more useful info)

How about an unforgettable trip to the Canouan Island

Dreaming of a tropical vacation somewhere where the natural surroundings are unspoiled and yet the settings are luxurious?

The Canouan Island is a perfect choice if you want to spend your holiday relaxing in one of the luxury villa accommodations and enjoy your cocktails on the stunning beaches of this tiny island.

The Canouan is part of the Grenadine Islands and is only about 3.5 x 1.25 miles in size. The local population is about 1700.

The island is a top preferred destination for high-class vacationers who want to relax in the luxurious resorts without any worries and with all the pampering and care they need.

You can hire a private jet and choose among the various luxurious villas and hotels to spend a few careless and lavish days and night at Canouan.

Get to enjoy spending time around your private infinity pool or go to one of the endless parties at a beach club on the island.

There is always something to do there, even if you just want a peaceful and quiet relaxing time for you and your family. The private villas are fully equipped with just about anything you need as well as perfectly discreet and brisk service to tend to all your needs.

The stylish living space is fitted with all luxuries you can think of, and the tropical gardens surrounding them are perfect for relaxation. Most of them have smart remote systems allowing to control just about anything in your villa or apartment via a smart device, which will make your life even easier and better.

You can also spend a day at one of the Spas for a calming and cool pampering session.

Of course, you will be able to enjoy some amazing dishes at the fine dining restaurants on the island or get your own personal cook to serve you the meals you prefer while you are staying at the Canouan islands.

Enjoy the view of the deep turquoise sea, and the amazing wild tortoises and other wildlife which resides there, or go sightseeing around this small island with the golf cart which usually comes with the room or villa you book. You will love the view of the extinct volcano covered with tropical green flora which contrasts perfectly from the cliffs.

Of course, if you are a golfer, you can spend time on the golf course among these beautiful settings.

If you want to make the most of your trip, ask for the services of a professional agency which can arrange your luxury villa accommodations, a concierge service, a private jet and all other needs you may have for a perfect and careless vacation on the Canouan Island.

Swimming lessons at an early age can save your child’s life

Recently, a study in Australia concluded that more children are quitting swimming lessons before learning the essential benchmarks which could save their lives.

This tendency is probably true for young children all over the world as well. The possible reason for this is the hassle of having to take a toddler or preschooler to swimming lessons.

But it is not only healthy for the child to learn how to swim and how to handle themselves in water from a young age, but it is also a crucial survival skill as well.

It is recommended that parents start taking their child to the local pool or lake at an early age. Not only is the regular visit to the pool or lake fun for the child, but it will help the child get used to being in the water and then more likely to respond better when you enroll it to structured swimming lessons.

Of course, at such an early age the most important thing is to be careful and keep the child safe at all times while it is in the water or around it!

Once your child feels comfortable enough to spend time in the water without complaining or being afraid, you can take the next step and get it signed up for specialized swimming lessons for children.

It is for the sake of your child to be able to learn basic swimming before first grade, especially if you live near water, a pool or tend to spend time near water.

Pre-school I also the perfect age to help teach a child to swim easily. Getting your child interested in swimming is excellent for its fitness and health as it grows up to be a teenager.

Swimming is known to be especially beneficial for kids with autism, special needs children as well as those with certain health issues.

Unfortunately, research shows that drowning is the cause of 90% of the deaths in children with autism under the age of 14 in the US, so learning some basic swimming and survival skills could save your child’s life!

So, go ahead and take your child to a trusted local professional swimming club to get its first swimming lessons right away!

The Friendly Dolphin Swim School is a perfect place to go if you want to make sure that your child is safe and is tended to be experienced professional swimming coaches.

Why use a professional Managed WordPress Hosting service?

So, you have a WordPress based website and you are feeling certain that you are on the right road to success? Think again!

You may have quite a lot of experience with WordPress, but why not hire a Managed WordPress Hosting service to make sure that your website is constantly updated, online and is managed and developed professionally?

Using the services of such a professional managed professional WordPress hosting service is similar to having your own personal IT department or team.

You can rest assured that your website is always updated, automatically backed up, secure and fast.

This is an excellent option if you want your website to be perfect and don’t have the time or skills to take care of the technical stuff required to keep it that way at all times.

Specialized services providing management of WordPress sites will provide specialized servers for WordPress specifically. Plus, your site will be updated to the latest version of the platform at all times.

Another incentive to use the services of such a company is that you can be sure that your website is protected from malicious attacks from hackers and other security issues.

A good WordPress hosting service will help make your website faster than ever which is essential in these days when users and customers want quick and hassle-free online experiences.

Also, this kind of service will offer to automatically back up all of your data and provide friendly and useful tech support available at all times of the day and night.

If your online business goes well, the traffic to your website will increase immensely, a trusted Managed WordPress hosting service will make sure that your website doesn’t crash during these spikes of traffic, so all potential customers and users will have access to it whenever they need to.

Overall, this kind of service is a wise investment well worth the money you spend if you want a secure, fast and reliable website.

This type of service is ideal for bloggers, companies which are planning to grow fast and expect growing traffic spikes, those who want reliable tech support as well as those who cannot afford any downtime.

It is an investment which could make the whole difference in the development of your business, blog or other online pursuit!