How about an unforgettable trip to the Canouan Island

Dreaming of a tropical vacation somewhere where the natural surroundings are unspoiled and yet the settings are luxurious?

The Canouan Island is a perfect choice if you want to spend your holiday relaxing in one of the luxury villa accommodations and enjoy your cocktails on the stunning beaches of this tiny island.

The Canouan is part of the Grenadine Islands and is only about 3.5 x 1.25 miles in size. The local population is about 1700.

The island is a top preferred destination for high-class vacationers who want to relax in the luxurious resorts without any worries and with all the pampering and care they need.

You can hire a private jet and choose among the various luxurious villas and hotels to spend a few careless and lavish days and night at Canouan.

Get to enjoy spending time around your private infinity pool or go to one of the endless parties at a beach club on the island.

There is always something to do there, even if you just want a peaceful and quiet relaxing time for you and your family. The private villas are fully equipped with just about anything you need as well as perfectly discreet and brisk service to tend to all your needs.

The stylish living space is fitted with all luxuries you can think of, and the tropical gardens surrounding them are perfect for relaxation. Most of them have smart remote systems allowing to control just about anything in your villa or apartment via a smart device, which will make your life even easier and better.

You can also spend a day at one of the Spas for a calming and cool pampering session.

Of course, you will be able to enjoy some amazing dishes at the fine dining restaurants on the island or get your own personal cook to serve you the meals you prefer while you are staying at the Canouan islands.

Enjoy the view of the deep turquoise sea, and the amazing wild tortoises and other wildlife which resides there, or go sightseeing around this small island with the golf cart which usually comes with the room or villa you book. You will love the view of the extinct volcano covered with tropical green flora which contrasts perfectly from the cliffs.

Of course, if you are a golfer, you can spend time on the golf course among these beautiful settings.

If you want to make the most of your trip, ask for the services of a professional agency which can arrange your luxury villa accommodations, a concierge service, a private jet and all other needs you may have for a perfect and careless vacation on the Canouan Island.

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