How to avoid getting tricked into buying a fake perfume

Are you thrilled about the new deal for a very cheap designer perfume you just stumbled upon? Beware that there is a possibility that the perfume can be fake. This not only means that it will smell differently from the original but can also be harmful to your health due to the unknown chemicals it probably contains.

Here are some of the basic guidelines for ensuring that you are buying the real thing when buying a perfume:

  • If it is too cheap and looks too good to be true then follow your instincts because it probably is a fake.
  • Don’t purchase a perfume from a private seller who claims that they received it as a gift or bought it and don’t like it, because you may fall into the trap of paying full price for a counterfeit.
  • If you don’t have an idea of the exact smell of a perfume you want to buy online, always take the time to go and check it out at a brick and mortar store first. Smell it and examine the product carefully before ordering it online.
  • Look at the cellophane wrap on the box. Real designer perfumes are very tightly wrapped, so if you notice that the packing is moving around and messy – it could be a fake. Also, there shouldn’t be any leftover tape or glue on the wrapping.
  • Examine the box as well. Is it way too thin? If it is – then you may be looking at a counterfeit product, because high-quality perfumes are boxed in high-quality
  • Also, take a look at the print on the box – it should be spelled properly, in a clear and even font.
  • The bottle itself should be of impeccable quality. If it doesn’t look quite right then you are dealing with a fake.
  • The perfume itself must be clear with no sediments or different hues.
  • Last but not least check the smell. High-quality perfumes offer a rich multi-layered aroma, while fakes don’t have this unique quality.

Thankfully there are some useful online guides for spotting a fake perfume now you can learn all necessary precautions to take when shopping for a new fragrance. In fact, there are some other useful tips for spotting fake clothing from Kenzo, Stone Island and others which you may want to check out as well. It is worth checking these informative resources before getting tricked into buying a low-quality counterfeit! (see for more useful info)

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