How to plan a wedding without going crazy

Planning a wedding is exciting and great until it gets too overwhelming. Here are some simple tips to make life easier and help you stay sane and not financially broke when you start planning your wedding:

  1. Give yourself enough time to plan everything, because tight timelines can cause serious stress. A wedding involves so many details, that you should sit down and work out a proper schedule ahead of time, just to be on the sure side. Starting with the preparations a year ahead is recommended if possible.
  2. After you have a timeline in mind, setting the budget for the big day is the second important step. Make sure you carefully consider how much money you are ready to spend on your dream wedding and vow to stick to this budget no matter what. Talk to all family member who is willing to contribute to your wedding. Add 10% on top for some extra unexpected costs and you are ready to get going.
  3. After the budget is ready you will get to the fun part. Choose either a professional wedding planner or find an experienced friend to help you with the entire organization. If you are new to weddings you can quickly become stressed and confused by all the little details and elements which planning such an important event includes.
  4. Sit down with your groom or bride to be and make a list of which elements of your wedding are the most important ones for you – is it the music, the flowers, the wedding dress, the food, the professional wedding photographers in Bristol, the drinks? This will help you plan the most important parts first, and leave the rest for later. Also, it is very useful for staying well in your wedding budget.
  5. Work together with your finance. Don’t attempt to go through the wedding planning alone, and make sure you share responsibilities and plan together. Not only will this be more fun for both of you, but you both will end up happy with the results when the big day comes.
  6. Decide on the style you want for the wedding and stick to the plan. This will allow you to stay focused rather than overwhelmed and frustrated by the limitless options out there.

Wedding planning is a serious endeavor, especially if you want a big wedding. This is why you should allow yourself more time in order to get all the details right and feel at your best when the date of the wedding finally arrives!

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