The latest reports and studies about the job market in the Gulf region

According to a recent study by LinkedIn, if you are looking for a job in the UAE, you may want to look in the hospitality and retail business for a greater chance of finding a good job.

These two sectors are the fastest growing in the UAE and thus the professionals looking for jobs in Gulf with experience in restaurants, hotels or malls will have a better chance of landing a dream job in the UAE.

The study suggests that another area to look when seeking a job in the UAE is in the healthcare and hospital sector, as well as in advertising and marketing. People who work in the spheres of engineering or construction, airlines, schools or IT companies also stand a greater chance of finding a job in the country.

LinkedIn Managers claim that these are the industries which have been doing well in the last 15 years and which have been hiring the most people lately. This is due to the innovations implemented in all these 10 industries, which have turned it into a global industry hub.

Also, the fact that the economy of the middle east country has been strengthening, these and other industries have been growing and opening newly available job positions for local and international workers and experts.

The highest demand in regard to the positions of the jobs for this year is for sales executives, accountants and project engineers. The top 10 jobs in the UAE for 2018 are: director, owner, project manager, sales executive, managing director, accountant, project engineer, general manager, sales manager, and supervisor.

Another recent study – Gallup’s 2018 Global Great Jobs report has concluded that 69% of the adult population in the UAE have a good job. Regarding what is considered a “good job” It means receiving regular paychecks and being employed for at least 30 hours a week.

This according to the report is an increase 6% since 2016 and means that the situation with jobs in the country is improving.  The study by Gallup covers 128 countries, and the UAE holds the third position for the highest percentage of the population who feel happy at their jobs. The first and second place are held by the US and Russia.

According to the annual report, 12% of those asked claimed they have a “great job”, which is 3% more than in 2016.

This makes the UAE the leader in workplace engagement among the adult population in the Gulf region.

The report by Gallup shows that another Gulf country – Bahrain is also doing better in providing the people with work which keeps them engaged. The percentage there is 59% of the adult population of the country.

If you want to join the increasingly engaged and happy workforce in the area, you should take a look at some of the Gulf Jobs available at the moment – visit WisdomJobs.

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