Curbside Shopping

When you offer Curbside Pickup in your business, you allow customers to buy from you online and then drive to your location to pick it up without having to leave their car. This is a change to the “order online, pick up at the store” rules that many stores like Best Buy and Target have had in the past. Customers used this option because it was more convenient for them, and the business liked it because it reduced the cost of delivery and use of packaging. With today’s heightened public health issues, it’s safer for anyone to do Curbing.

Many shops and businesses are considered essential services for their communities, so they need safer ways to stay open. But even in areas where there are no restrictions on staying outdoors, businesses may want to consider moving to Curbing now so that they are ready for future changes in the guidelines. Companies that do not require customers to be physically in stores to shop can use Curbside Pickup as a chance to close their locations and keep people safe while still serving
From a business perspective, you will use existing inventories, maintain employee performance, and maintain revenue even if it is reduced. Employees will see that you are trying to do your best to keep them working. Customers will be happy to still be able to take their orders, food and other items in these uncertain times.
Curbside Pickup protects customers by limiting the amount of contact between people. Some companies allow contactless pickup through their windows as some fast food restaurants do at the moment.
Another option is to make a complete dropout curb where customers drive and after checking the order and the customer employees put the order directly in the trunk of the car.
First, before deciding whether to take a road restriction, all companies must follow the instructions of local authorities and public health officials. It is possible to have different on-site directions depending on your location.
Then it is important to think about how to plan and organize employees in your location. Define the process for selecting the order, assembling it, packing it for collection and notifying the customer. If you have already done pickups in your store you probably already have figured this out but if you haven’t  take the time to get organized now.
Set places for your pickup outside your location by specifying exactly where people should park to wait their turn. Some places have marked pickup places with signs while others have temporary signs placed outside their doors or cargo docks.No matter what your choice, make it clear where people should go.
Send your customers clear instructions on what to do when they arrive and what information they need to bring to confirm their order. Grocery stores often ask customers to text or call that they have arrived. For places that are not normally open for retail pickups, consider having an employee with a list of the orders available so he can terminate them once people arrive.
Decide whether employees will place orders directly in the trunks of cars or hand them over to the customer with minimal contact. Notify customers ahead of time so they can prepare as well, as some customers may need to open their boxes manually.
Now is a strange time for business You need to come up with creative ways to stay open as the world juggles the ongoing public health crisis If you have the opportunity to stay open offering Curbside Pickup is a perfect way to protect your workers and customers. With a little planning you can use it now and continue to in the future after things have settled.

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