Understanding Different Types Of Garage Doors

What are the main requirements that we must comply with when choosing a door for the garage or yard.
First of all – security. After all, the main purpose of the doors is to protect us from unwanted intrusions and encroachments. In this sense, it is mandatory that the garage or yard doors are made of sufficiently strong and durable materials. And what better solution in this case than metal.
One of the most important requirements for choosing the right garage or patio door is their functionality. For example, double-leaf doors are not suitable for smaller spaces, as they require space for radial sash movement. In this case, it is good to consider an option with a sliding door when fencing a yard or a sectional or rolling door in a garage. Each of these solutions has its advantages and disadvantages and therefore compromises must be made and the most suitable option for the specific site must be chosen.
Last but not least, patio and garage doors must fit into the overall design of buildings and premises. Let’s not forget that the gate is our first touch and the first impression we get from the future host. For example, solid wooden doors are suitable for buildings in antique style, while for modern buildings a far better option are innovative materials and solutions.
What are the main types of doors and what are the main advantages and disadvantages of each type. When it comes to partitioning a yard or company parking, there are two options – double doors and sliding doors. When closing a garage, warehouse, hall or service room, the choice is between a double door, a sectional door and a security shutter.
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Sliding doors

The main advantages of sliding doors are that they allow closing of much larger spaces, without the risk of sagging and with easier maintenance. At the same time, they do not take up space in the yard or company parking. As a disadvantage it can be noted that the sliding doors are slower than the double doors and also need space along the length of the building where to return to the open position.
Sliding doors, in turn, are of two types – sliding on the rail and cantilever. In the first case, the door slides on a concrete rail in the ground with the help of wheels. This is the cheaper option, but unfortunately it hides a lot of inconveniences related mainly to crossing the track of the vehicle and cleaning it, especially in winter.
The best solution for a sliding door is the so-called cantilever door. With it, the door moves along the light opening 8-10 cm above the ground. This is achieved with the help of a set of mechanisms, rails, carts, drive wheels, rollers and receivers, which are offered by the company HiMotions. The main advantage of cantilever doors is that they are extremely easy to maintain. The movement of the door is guaranteed even in a polluted environment or in severe weather conditions. The disadvantage of this type of door is that they require additional space for folding in the open position of the so-called tail with which the balancing of the door. It is usually about 1/3 of the light opening. For more information on the site in the section “Parts and accessories for doors and gates” is placed the configurator of HiMotions.
The automation of the sliding doors is carried out by means of a motor with a built-in receiver and toothed racks, which are mounted along the door. The Beside company offers a wide range of actuators for sliding doors depending on the weight of the doors – from 350 kg to 4.5 tons as well as depending on the intensity of use – 220 and 24Vdc.

Rolling doors

They are used more often for shops, warehouses and smaller garages where the space does not allow the construction of a sectional door. Rolling garage doors are the cheapest option, but a significant disadvantage is the low security.
The main advantage of security shutters is that they do not take up much space and can be installed both on the inside and outside of the room. Security roller shutters similar to sectional doors are made of interconnected horizontal slats made of sheet metal filled with polyurethane foam. They are wound on a shaft in which an electric motor can be built in for their automatic opening.
Beside offers all the necessary parts and accessories for the manufacture of security shutters – from microperforated sheet metal type “mosquito”, springs and drums to handles, locks, biolets, snails. All elements offered by the company are made of high quality materials, carefully selected to ensure strength, safety and long-term intensive use without wear.
Different types of actuators for roller doors are also available depending on the weight and diameter of the roller shutter shaft. The engines have one or two motors on 220 or 24Vdc.

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